How To Wear A Jean Jacket Without Being Basic

By Jessie Brunett

It’s only natural that jean jackets have become a basic piece to our closets without us even realizing it. Magazines are telling us that jean jackets should already be in our wardrobes, stores are telling us that they are great paired with casual wear, jean jackets have become the middle child, between trench coats and leather jackets. In a shadow of forgettable moments when we need to shine most, behind it all, is the jean jacket, ever casual, always labeled as a “basic piece”. 

Never fear! These simple solutions are going to amp up your jean jacket game and the ways you can wear it without looking basic. 


1. Trousers, band tee, need I say more?: Jean Jackets come in so many different colors, shapes and personalities. It is only natural to pick one you’ll wear a lot, that describes who you are in all your unique, fantastical ways. Didn’t think a vintage acid washed rock n roll jacket could go with polished trousers? Pair it with a band tee and amp up the party, or go for a polished button down and give your jean jacket the spotlight. It deserves to be the center of attention, not the backdrop. 


2. Tuesdays seize the week dress day: Have a dress in mind for Tuesday’s board meeting? Whatever day you decide to dress up more than the rest, you gotta look professional and cool at the same time right? A little jean jacket never hurt anyone. This is a chance to play up your look, and keep it casual at the same time and we’re all in. Throw a groovy jean jacket over your dress and make a statement. 


3. Friday nights, Saturday’s coffee shop, Sunday couch: Whether the weekend has got you running around raged, or a slow decrescendo into Sunday’s stroll, this weekend your jean jacket should not be left behind. Worn out to dance with friends, to pick up your coffee to cure hangover symptoms, or lounging around, a vintage jean jacket is the perfect way to keep it casual, start a conversation and get moving. Start a conversation with a stranger, take it to the movies, lay on the couch with it, because it’s the only jacket that can do all those things and more.


With so many avenues of jean jackets out there, find one that screams your name in the crowd, calls you on weeknights, and never forgets who you are. Run the weekend, don’t let the weekend run you, and sail away. 

Sail away, sail away, sail away, in the words of Enya, Sail away. 

fashionPamela Romo