My Playlist

By Emily Phillips

This is what I’ll be listening to in May 2017; as I dance around my kitchen or ‘pretend’ to clean my room.

1. Cold, Cold, Cold - Cage the Elephant, an American alternative rock band, which later relocated to London, England, featured this song on their most recent album, Tell Me I’m Pretty [2015]. The lyrics, by lead singer and occasional guitarist Matthew Shultz, address a feeling of imminent doom; a feeling he has dealt with his entire life. In 2015, Shultz told Billboard magazine: "As far as I can remember, I've had this picture of this sad kind of life that I've lionized in my head over the years. When I was 10, there was this ice storm. I put on my coat, walked into the snow and pretended I was lost. I was so melancholy. I imagined myself turning into an ice sculpture. Then my dad pulled up: 'What are you doing? It's freezing outside. Get in the car.’” This incident, the inspiration for the song Cold, Cold, Cold, lead the singer to tell “I was just thinking about struggling with this feeling of imminent doom and seasonal depression. I wanted to write a song that was a metaphor for that but that played into the idea of needing help. So it's like throwing my hands up and saying 'That's it, take me to the hospital, someone help me.’”

2. Business Cats – Mika Miko, an all-female American punk-rock band, formed in 2003, released the album C.Y.S.L.A.B.F. in July of 2006. This funky song is featured on the bands 1st full length album.

3. Sleep On the Floor – The Lumineers, and American indie band’s, 2016 album, Cleopatra, features this incredible tune as well as many others including the radio hit, Ophelia. Sleep on the Floor, is a song written about running away to big cities and escaping the small town in which one lives. It tells a story of two people in love starting anew.

4. Swooner – The Zolas are a Canadian indie-rock band based in Vancouver, British Colombia. They released the song as the main feature on their 2016 album, Swooner. Zachary Gray, band member and lyric writer, claims that this song, along with the others on the album are the best lyrics he’s ever written.

5. Silvertongue – Silvertongue was the 5th song released off the 2016 album ‘Home of the Strange’ by Young the Giant. The album makes many political statements, mainly in the opening song Amerika, however, the album and song Silvertongue, is well liked by all fans of the American indie-rock band, although it is a little different than their usual sound.  

6. Wish I Knew You – This song, released 2015, by the indie alternative band, The Revivalists, on the album Men Amongst Mountains, was written by Dave Shaw. Shaw, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the band, claimed that he would rather keep the meaning of the song open and free for people to interpret on their own, rather than forcing a particular meaning.

7. Waves – Dean Lewis released this single in late 2016. Immediately, this song hit the top 40 charts across Canada and the US; though it does stay true to its indie genre.  Lewis told music blog ‘Something You Said’, “Waves is about the losing that sense of excitement [in a relationship] little by little as the years pass.” It has hit home for many, and continues to do so through its touching lyrics and real story.

8. If You Want It – Sam Roberts Band, a Canadian indie-alternative group, released this single in the summer of 2016. The band admitted that any meaning in the song was up to the interpretation of the listener, though it seems to be about someone who won’t do anything for anybody without something in return. 

9. Down the Road and Back Again – The Fratellis, one of my favorite bands of all time, released this incredible song on their most recent album [2015] Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied. The song is incredibly well liked by fans of the Scottish band; including me.

10. Take Her Back – In 2007, The Pigeon Detectives, an indie-alternative band based in West-Yorkshire England, released this remarkable tune. The lyrics discuss a boy who is in love with a girl, a minor, and whether or not it is acceptable. Take Her Back could be considered controversial, but I think that the song accurately captures the ‘love is love’ ideal.   

11. Kathleen – Catfish and the Bottlemen, a British rock band from Wales, released this song on their debut album, The Balcony, in 2014. Kathleen, was ranked at number one on MTV’s hottest tracks, in April of its release year. Lead singer Van McCann claims to be singing of a girl who provokes tug-of-war of feelings in him. “I've gotta give it to you, you give me problems, and made me give in to you” "Kathleen is the reason you start drinking," McCann told Rolling Stone. "She's the one you call at three in the morning despite knowing she's the reason you went out drinking in the first place. You go around knowing you shouldn't, and before you know it, she's got your clothes off. She's that kind of person that everyone's been infatuated with - even when they know it's not the right path."

12. Fell In Love with a Girl – The White Stripes released the album ‘White Blood Cells’, in early July of 2001. Fell in Love with a Girl was featured on the album along with the well-known tune, ‘Seven Nation Army’. 

13. Barely Legal - The Strokes, an incredible indie-rock band from New York City, released this life changing hit on their 2001 album, This Is It. Everything about this song means something to me, the lyrics, the sounds… it’s reminds me of a teenage love song, but without the cliché lyrics. This is definitely a personal favorite.   

14. Golden Touch – Golden Touch is by the Anglo-Swedish indie rock band, Razorlight, and featured as the eighth track on their 2004 debut album Up All Night.

15. Dangerous – The last song on my May 2017 playlist is a well-known tune by Big Data ft. Joywave. Dangerous has been featured in many movies, such as ‘Before I Fall’ [March 2017]. The album on which it was released is titled, 2.0, and was released on October 1, 2013.


Some Amazing Albums You Need to Check Out Now:

-        Costello Music – The Fratellis

-        Is This It – The Strokes

-        Singles Collection – The Coral

-        Wait for Me -  The Pigeon Detectives

-        Eyes Wide Tongue Tied – The Fratellis

-        Tell Me I’m Pretty – Cage The Elephant

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