Navigating Spring and Sneakers in the Same Sentence

By Jessie Brunett

I think I speak for everyone when I say that I’m tired. Not from my workout, or the long workweek, I’m tired of lugging my extra shoes around when I decide that I’d like to workout before I go to work. I’m also tired of squatting so low to get that Kim K butt, and then slipping those high heels on for the office, trying to walk on my tippy toes because heels are the worst, and I’m never fully prepared to deal with the excruciating pain that follows. How did Audrey Hepburn do it? Spring is exciting but it takes a lot out of us. Good thing Spring weather permits EVERYTHING under the sun, and I mean EVERYTHING. Wind blown hair to the point of ruining a great hair day, rainy days getting in the middle of that stiletto choice, allergies wiping all the mascara off of our faces, spring is literally spirit shattering, and what makes me feel like I have a leg up on Mother Nature, is my collection of running sneakers.  

So in the spirit of athlesiure, we’ve found a few ways to continue on with your busy schedule prepared for anything, and comfier than ever. New stylish sneakers are making it possible for you to sail into the workweek fully prepared for work and play, without sacrificing your time, your effort, or your calves. 

Sneakers are not just for the gym, and these options are going to change the life you thought was “office appro pro”. Here is how you can incorporate sneakers into your workweek.

1. Neutral Pair: Brands like New Balance, Asics, and Adidas have come out with some really cool sneakers in neutral colors so you can be prepared to rock the work meeting, because why wouldn’t you? Neutral whites, pale solid colors are set for you to leave the gym into your work outfit. Also New Balance has convinced me that my crooked toes need the extra room and comfort. The best part is? These shoes can go with any outfit! Pair with trousers or a dress for maximum preparation.


2. Mesh your sneakers to your outfit that day: Not all sneakers work for both activities, like you probably wouldn’t wear neon green sneakers to work unless it really reflected your outfit. Don’t bother yourself with the pressure of “fitting in”, the days of the week are an opportunity for you to show off who you are in every facet. You need to always be YOU ready, and whether you just got done with your workout, or your feet are swollen from heel trauma, stylish sneakers can make your feet feel less alone. Try the Adidas pureboost or New Balance 575 to find your shoe soul mate and patterned pair.


3. Treat Yourself to Nice ones: Sneakers aren’t the cheapest, especially the ones seen on celebs like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid, but there are a few places where you can find shoes that reflect your personality and fit into your budget. Invest in one nice pair that you’ll be able to wear with a variety of outfits, so if you are in a hurry, or your workout went too long, you’re able to get up and go without stressing out. Where are those exclusive Ri Ri Puma/Fenti shoes? Just Kidding. With the right state of mind, investing in a good pair of shoes will keep your feet sane, during long walks on the muddy grass, battling the wind for what direction you want to part your hair, and rain storms that decide your face is going to look like a sad wet cat. Your feet need to be taken care of, and wearing sneakers more often are the best way to start the healing process. Don’t worry, we’re right there with you.


4. Go Crazy On Fridays: Casual Fridays? More like, it’s basically the weekend and I want to treat myself with a fun outfit. I don’t know when certain items in the fashion industry ever became “off limits”, as far as I’m concerned fashion is a state of mind, a creative expression of who we are, who is anyone to tell us what not to wear? I have neon orange New Balance shoes, sure, they’re running shoes but they go so well with my navy lace dress. My feet are always comfy, and my calves never knot up. Also I ran three miles in these shoes this morning, and they’re perfect for the outfit change I need to make because it’s supposed to be 80 degrees at work, instead of 30 degrees, thanks weather app.  



As far as I’m concerned we’re the new generation, the Juliet Army, the group set out to defy expectations, and start our own individual trends, who am I to tell you what to wear? I’m just as confused about spring style as you are. My feet started hurting and creating blisters that forced me to make the switch to sneakers for a week, and guess what? I liked it so much I wrote about it. Expression comes from so many different outlets, and your comfort shouldn’t be sacrificed by rules and regulations. Be your own boss, wear what makes you feel expressed, and never feel the need to follow. Be different, Babe.

fashionPamela Romo