Styling Outfits: Featuring the Juliet Shop

By Emily Phillips

Embroidered denim is probably one of my favourite reoccurring trends. And as of 2016, this particular style of denim seems to have really managed to get its train back on the rails. Denim patched strictly for decoration purposes, is also a style that has somehow creeped back into the closet of a modern day fashion enthusiast. These two breeds of denim can be styled a countless number of ways.


To begin, a colour that compliments or reflects one that can be seen on the pants is always a good idea. So basically, if you are wearing the JulietShop ‘high waisted patchwork jeans’ featuring Mickey Mouse, you might want to style a red or blue top as these colours are present in the patchwork, thus creating a very colour coordinated look. If you wanted you could even wear a Micky tee to fully complete this theme.  If you’re not one for colour or graphics, black is always an option. A black cami, or even a low v-cut bodysuit, could look fantastic with these jeans as well.

For embroidery, styling depends on the occasion.  As you can see, the JulietShop ‘acid wash skinny jeans’ feature black, grey, and white embroidery. For a more casual look, a basic t-shirt, cami, or bodysuit in any of these colours would do. If you are going out with your friends, or have a hot date planned, you might prefer to pair these jeans with a tight black top of some sort covered by the JulietShop ‘teal fringe jacket’. Or the JulietShop ‘red velvet turtleneck’, would also look incredible with these jeans, as can be seen paired together on the shop.

The LBD is a historic classic and necessity in the world of women’s fashion. The JulietShop sells two of these dresses; the ‘velvet feather LBD’ and the ‘plain velvet LBD’.  If you’re going for a more, of a dressed down look, try wearing the JulietShop ‘oversized graphic sweater’ layered over the ‘plain velvet LBD’. Add a pair of red, blue, or black sneakers and you’re set! The JulietShop ‘red fringe sweater’ or ‘teal fringe jacket’ could look incredible over this dress as well. And to take this look from an afternoon special to a night out, all you have to do is add a classy pair of heals.

The ‘velvet feather LBD’ is definitely a much fancier dress as the top hem is lined with boa-like feathers. Personally I would wear this dress alone, with some kick ass shoes. Considering the dress is black, you could literally style any shoe with it. I think a vermillion red heal could look fantastic, or even a cooler colour such as a blue or purple.

Don’t be afraid to try new and creative styles. Your confidence can only be heightened when you know you look fly, and with any of the articles from the JulietShop mentioned, you can be unapologetically yourself and look amazing while doing it. So, be a badass and rock these bold looks, cause you’re beautiful baby. 

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