New Beginnings: Getting Out of the Funk

I’ve never considered myself to be in the business of making promises. I don’t trust things to turn out how they say they will, and the last year proved me right on that account. It was a string of promises broken and dreams coming true. At the beginning of 2016, I was a wreck. Fresh off the boat from disaster and in denial, I’d dealt with death, desertion, and drama for the first time, and didn’t exist very much for a while. Colors weren’t as bright and activities became less interesting. The world had a quietness I couldn’t shake, though sometimes, I didn’t want to. It took new opportunities with school and a change of location to shake off the misery and get me to see clearly again. The last year has made me a better- albeit more cautious- person, more weary of the world but never less hungry for whatever is next.

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Finally, change came banging at my door, grabbing my hand and telling me ‘hush, there isn’t time for questions.’ The easiest way to get out of a funk is to not mean to, having something else drag you out while you’re looking elsewhere; but it’s almost never like that. Every other time, princess has to save herself. Fresh starts don’t come easily; they usually feature crawling out tooth and nail, barely any breaks, till light is reached. I immersed myself in a completely different life to escape. Nothing, not even my wardrobe, could stay. I shed it all, giving into a new set of everything, and I can’t imagine who I would be if I hadn’t had that opportunity. Most likely, I’d probably still be staring at walls and fighing to fill silence; no one should have to live like that, so I made a promise to do better. 
    Now, I don’t believe in making promises, especially not ones tied down to something as trivial as the calendar, but I made one goal for myself on the cusp of this year. I only want to do better than before. I don’t need to lose weight or find love- those things will come when they are ready. For now, all I want is to do a bit better than before. I’ve already done it, after all, and I don’t care to repeat anything when there is a universe of possibilities out there.

By Hannah Weisman
Instagram: @hannah_weisman